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      發布于 2023.07.10    長帆國際物流

      一致性證書:certificate of conformity

      質量證書:certificate of quality

      測試報告:test report

      產品性能報告:product performance report

      產品規格型號報告:product specification report

      工藝數據報告:process data report

      首樣測試報告:first sample test report

      價格/銷售目錄:price/sales catalogue

      參與方信息:party information

      農產品加工廠證書:mill certificate

      郵政收據:post receipt

      重量證書:weight certificate

      重量單:weight list


      價值與原產地綜合證書:combined certificate of value and origin

      移動聲明:A. R. 1 movement certificate

      數量證書:certificate of quantity

      質量數據報文:quality data message


      查詢回復:response to query

      訂購單:purchase order

      制造說明:manufacturing instructions

      領料單:stores requisition

      產品售價單:invoicing data sheet

      包裝說明:packing instruction

      內部運輸單:internal transport order

      統計及其他管理用內部單證:statistical and other administrative internal documents

      直接支付估價申請:direct payment valuation request

      直接支付估價單:direct payment valuation

      臨時支付估價單:rpovisional payment valuation

      支付估價單:payment valuation


      油污民事責任書:civil liability for oil certificate

      載重線證書:loadline document.

      免于除鼠證書:derat document.

      航海健康證書:maritime declaration of health

      船舶登記證書:certificate of registry

      船用物品申報單:ship's stores declaration

      出口許可證申請表:export licence, application

      出口許可證:export licence

      出口結匯核銷單:exchange control declaration, exprot

      T出口單證(海關轉運報關單):despatchnote moder T

      T1出口單證(內部轉運 報關單):despatch notemodel T1

      T2出口單證(原產地證明書):despatchnote model T2

      T2L出口單證(原產地證明書): despatchnote model T2L

      T5管理單證(退運單證):controldocument. nbspT5

      鐵路運輸退運單:re-sending consignment note

      出口貨物報關單:goods declaration for exportation

      離港貨物報關單:cargo declaration (departure)

      貨物監管證書申請表:application for goods control certificate

      貨物監管證書申請表:goods control certificate

      植物檢疫申請表:application for phytosanitary certificate

      植物檢疫證書:phytosanilary certificate

      衛生檢疫證書:sanitary certificate

      動物檢疫證書:veterinary certifieate

      商品檢驗申請表:application for inspection certificate

      商品檢驗證書:inspection certificate

      原產地證書申請表:certificate of origin, application for

      原產地證書:certificate of origin

      原產地申明:declaration of origin

      地區名稱證書:regional appellation certificate

      優惠原產地證書:preference certificate of origin

      普惠制原產地證書:certificate of origin form GSP

      領事發票:consular invoice

      危險貨物申報單:dangerous goods declaration

      出口統計報表:statistical doucument, export

      國際貿易統計申報單:intrastat declaration

      交貨核對證明:delivery verification certificate

      進口許可證申請表:import licence, application for

      進口許可證:import licence

      無商業細節的報關單:customs declaration without commercial detail

      有商業和項目細節的報關單:customs declaration with commercial and item detail

      無項目細節的報關單:customs declaration without item detail

      有關單證:related document.

      海關收據:receipt (Customs)

      調匯申請:application for exchange allocation

      調匯許可:foreign exchange permit

      進口外匯管理申報:exchange control declaration (import)

      進口貨物報關單:goods declaration for implortation

      內銷貨物報關單:goods declaration for home use

      海關即刻放行報關單:customs immediate release declaration

      海關放行通知:customs delivery note

      到港貨物報關單:cargo declaration (arrival)

      貨物價值申報清單:value declaration

      海關發票:customs invoice

      郵包報關單:customs deciaration (post parcels)

      增值稅申報單:tax declaration (value added tax)

      普通稅申報單:tax declaration (general)

      催稅單:tax demand

      禁運貨物許可證:embargo permit

      海關轉運貨物報關單:goods declaration for customs transit

      TIF國際鐵路運輸報關單:TIF form

      TIR國際公路運輸報關單:TIR carnet

      歐共體海關轉運報關單:EC carnet

      EUR1歐共體原產地證書:EUR 1certificate of origin

      暫準進口海關文件:ATA carnt

      歐共體統一單證:single administrative document

      海關一般回復:general response (Customs)

      海關公文回復:document. nbspresponse (Customs)

      海關誤差回復:error response (Customs)

      海關一攬子回復:packae response (Customs)

      海關計稅/確認回復:tax calculation /confirmation response (Customs)

      配額預分配證書:quota prior allocation certificate

      最終使用授權書:end use authorization

      政府合同:government contract


      數量估價單:quantity valuation request

      數量估價申請:quantity valuation request

      合同數量單:contract bill of quantities BOQ

      不祭價投標數量單:unpriced tender BOQ

      標價投標數量單:priced tender BOQ


      臨時支付申請:interim application for payment

      支付協議:agreement to pay

      意向書:letter of intent


      總訂單:blanket order

      現貨訂單:sport order

      租賃單:lease order

      緊急訂單:rush order

      修理單:repair order

      分訂單:call off order

      寄售單:consignment order

      樣品訂單:sample order

      換貨單:swap order

      訂購單變更請求:purchase order change request

      訂購單回復:purchase order response

      租用單:hire order

      備件訂單:spare parts order

      交貨說明:delivery instructions

      交貨計劃表:delivery schedule

      按時交貨:delivery just-in-time

      發貨通知:delivery release

      交貨通知:delivery note

      裝箱單:packing list


      報價申請:request for quote


      訂單確認:acknowledgement of order

      形式發票:proforma invoice

      部分發票:partial invoice

      操作說明:operating instructions

      銘牌:name/product plate

      交貨說明請求:request for delivery instructions

      訂艙申請:booking request

      裝運說明:shipping instructions

      托運人說明書( 空運 ) :shipper's letter of instructions(air)

      短途貨運單:cartage order(local transport)

      待運通知:ready for despatch advice

      發運單:despatch order

      發運通知:despatch advice

      單證分發通知:advice of distribution of document.

      商業發票:commercial invoice

      貸記單:credit note

      傭金單:commission note

      借記單:debit note

      更正發票:corrected invoice

      合并發票:consolidated invoice

      預付發票:prepayment invoice

      租用發票:hire invoice

      稅務發票:tax invoice

      自用發票:self-billed invoice

      保兌發票:delcredere invoice

      代理發票:factored invoice

      租賃發票:lease invoice

      寄售發票:consignment invoice

      代理貸記單:factored credit note

      銀行轉帳指示:instructions for bank transfer

      銀行匯票申請書:application for banker's draft

      托收支付通知書:collection payment advice

      跟單信用證支付通知書:document. ry credit payment advice

      跟單信用證承兌通知書:document. ry credit acceptance advice

      跟單信用證議付通知書:document. ry credit negotiation advice

      銀行擔保申請書:application for banker's guarantee

      銀行擔保:banker's guarantee

      跟單信用證賠償單:document. ry credit letter of indemnity

      信用證預先通知書:preadvice of a credit

      托收單:collection order

      單證提交單:document presentation form

      付款單:payment order

      擴展付款單:extended payment order

      多重付款單:multiple payment order

      貸記通知書:credit advice

      擴展貸記通知書:extended credit advice

      借記通知書:debit advice

      借記撤消:reversal of debit

      貸記撤消:reversal of credit

      跟單信用證申請書:document. ry credit application

      跟單信用證:document. ry credit

      跟單信用證通知書:document. ry credit notification

      跟單信用證轉讓通知:document. ry credit transfer advice

      跟單信用證更改通知書:document. ry credit amendment notification

      跟單信用證更改單:document. ry credit amendment

      匯款通知:remittance advice

      銀行匯票:banker's draft

      匯票:bill of exchange

      本票:promissory note

      帳戶財務報表:financial statement of account

      帳戶報表報文:statement of account message

      保險賃證:insurance certificate

      保險單:insurance policy

      保險申報單(明細表):insurance declaration sheet (bordereau)

      保險人發票:insurer's invoice

      承保單:cover note

      貨運說明:forwarding instructions

      貨運代理給進口代理的通知:forwarder's advice to import agent

      貨運代理給出口商的通知:forwarder's advice to exporter

      貨運代理發票:forwarder's invoice

      貨運代理收據證明:forwarder's certificate of receipt

      托運單:shipping note

      貨運代理人倉庫收據:forwarder's warehouse receipt

      貨物收據:goods receipt

      港口費用單:port charges document.

      入庫單:warehouse warrant

      提貨單:delivery order

      裝卸單:handling order

      通行證:gate pass


      通用(多用)運輸單證:universal (multipurpose) transport document.

      承運人貨物收據:goods receipt, carriage

      全程運單:house waybill

      主提單:master bill of lading

      提單:bill of lading

      正本提單:bill of lading original

      副本提單:bill of lading copy

      空集裝箱提單:empty container bill

      油輪提單:tanker bill of lading

      海運單:sea waybill

      內河提單:inland waterway bill of lading

      不可轉讓的海運單證(通用):non-negotiable maritime transport document. nbsp (generic)

      大副據:mate's receipt

      全程提單:house bill of lading

      無提單提貨保函:letter of indemnity for non-surrender of bill of lading

      貨運代理人提單:forwarder's bill of lading

      鐵路托運單(通用條款):rail consignment note (generic term)

      陸運單:road list-SMGS

      押運正式確認:escort official recognition

      分段計費單證:recharging document.

      公路托運單:road consignment note

      空運單:air waybill

      主空運單:master air waybill

      分空運單:substitute air waybill

      船員物品申報:crew's effectsdeclaration

      乘客名單:passenger list

      鐵路運輸交貨通知:delivery notice (rail transport)

      郵遞包裹投遞單:despatch note (post parcels)

      多式聯運單證(通用):multimodal/combined transport document.nbsp (generic)

      直達提單:through bill of lading

      貨運代理人運輸證書:forwarder's certificate of transport

      聯運單證(通用):combined transport document. nbsp (generic)

      多式聯運單證(通用):multimodal transport document. nbsp (generic)

      多式聯運提單:combined transport bill of lading/multimoda bill of lading

      訂艙確認:booking confirmation

      要求交貨通知:calling forward notice

      運費發票:freight invoice

      貨物到達通知:arrival notice (goods)

      無法交貨的通知:notice of circumstances preventing delvery (goods)

      無法運貨通知:notice of circumstances preventing transport (goods)

      交貨通知:delivery notice (goods)

      載貨清單:cargo manifest

      載貨運費清單:freight manifest


      集裝箱載貨清單:container manifes (unit packing list)

      鐵路費用單:charges note

      托收通知:advice of collection

      船舶安全證書:safety of ship certificate

      無線電臺安全證書:safety of radio certificate

      設備安全證書:safety of equipment certificate


      0755-25916717 獲取報價

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